Non-standard equipment

You can contact us if:

  • You have decided to start production of new products, but you can’t find equipment that could manufacture these products;
  • You already do the producing, for example, furniture, wood products or wooden buildings, but some kind of operation, function, or connection has to be done manually;
  • You have found the equipment, but it is represented only by expensive imported instances;
  • You are considering purchasing equipment, but it does not satisfy you in terms of functionality;
  • We have already developed and produced a milling machine for cleaning pipes from concrete. It is used in the construction and maintenance of sewage treatment plants and storm sewers in case of ingress and solidification of concrete inside these structures (yes, sometimes it happens ...). The machine helps to clean up stormwater runoff from concrete deposits.

It is possible to manufacture such equipment for pipes with a radius of 350 mm.

We can also make:

  • Cutting, packing and shipping equipment for the food and non-food industries;
  • Lines and mini lines for packaging food and non-food products in different containers;
  • Rollers and conveyors for the movement of goods;
  • Caramel grinding machines;
  • Accessories and equipment for jewelers;
  • Jewels rolls (with forced lubrication or not);
  • Broaching equipment;
  • Shaft bolts for making bracelets;
  • Equipment for measuring unwinding;
  • For measurement and unwinding of various materials (furniture edge, cable);
  • Self-climbing metal uncoilers;

And much more according to your needs and functionality.

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