Metal machining

ProALIGmash runs all kinds of mechanical processing of metals:

Metal machining

  • lathe works;
  • milling work;
  • gear cutting;
  • grinding work;
  • coordinate work;
  • plumbing work;
  • heat treatment.

All these types of machining are performed on special machines according to sketches and drawings, corresponding to engineering calculations. The quality of produced parts directly depends on available equipment and the staff qualifications. All work is performed from any material according to the drawings or samples of the customer by highly qualified specialists with mandatory quality control. Having a great experience in machine tool building, Proaligmash gives people who do not have their own fleet of machines the opportunity to implement their ideas by ordering the necessary details from us. If you need to make tools, parts and accessories at reasonable prices, send us applications and drawings. After processing our specialists will give you the answer about production timeframe and price. You can find out more information and prices in the Contacts section using the feedback form, or by phone: +7 (926) 932 79 10 Igor Alexandrovich, +7 (965) 344 19 19 Albert Maratovich


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