Woodworking equipment

Woodworking is a perspective and reliable industry in Russia. The production and sales of wood products are increasing nowadays. Especially, decor for furniture, garden and cottage. PROALIGMASH is ready to contribute to the development of sawmilling, woodworking and joinery technologies. For example, today decorative wells located in the country houses and cottage plots, besides the water source, have an aesthetic role, being an element of landscape decoration. This machine helps to carry out this mission much easier and faster. Fixing bars by «dovetail» is reliable and aesthetic

We have developed and produced a machine for the manufacture of a tenon in the “dovetail” joint. Our machine is designed specifically for framing wells.

We have also developed and produced:

  • Machine for milling the groove cross;
  • Machine for the production and sharpening of drum sticks;

Beekeeping and honey production is highly developed in our country, but
there is no equipment for making inventory, in particular, a framework for beehives. There are only expensive imported machines, or some details are produced by the old “old-fashioned” methods. Therefore, we have found a solution for the production of automatic and semi-automatic lines and machines for the manufacture of details of the framework for the beehives and the beehives themselves. Depending on the required production and budget of the entrepreneur.

We can also make:

  • Tape power-saw benches for wood of small diameter;
  • Multi-spindle drilling machines for drilling holes in logs and columns of different length;
  • Four-sided machines for the manufacture of any profile slats, frames for photos and frame moldings;
  • Machines for the manufacture of details of wooden toys, including CNC;
  • Lines for making ice cream sticks;

Dear friends, if you need any other equipment for generating income or you want to open such kind of business, please contact PROALIGMASH. We will design and manufacture the equipment that responded to all the requirements of your requests and functionality.

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