Cue Sticker Replacement Machine NK-01


Cue Sticker Replacement Machine NK-01 is an excellent equipment for billiards, an analogue of imported machines, not inferior in quality. The machine is universal as it works as a one-piece cues, as well as a demountable. We can make a model NK0-01m with a cropped frame for demountable cue by individual order.

The process of replacing the sticker is quite complicated. Negligence can lead to the replacement of the cue, well, or shaft, so the production of equipment for billiards is also quite a delicate process.

You can quickly and efficiently replace the cue sticker in any conditions, not even having enough experience in this area. It is very important how hard you press the cue sticker. Due to the fact that the machine is equipped with a caliper, you can do it mechanically. After that, with the help of the caliper you can quickly and efficiently process the sticker. The machine does not take up much space and powered by 220V.


Power supply, V220
Electric motor power, W120
Rotational speed, rev/min1400
Dimensions of NK-01 / NK-01m HxLxW320х1520х280 / 320х880х280
Weight, kg17


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