Equipment for the framing

The subframe serves as the basis for stretching the canvas. Modular (fabricated) subframe is most suitable for these purposes, as the canvas sags with time. By using the wedges the modular design allows to align and stretch the canvas (which is not provided in the deaf subframe). Also modular subframes are used as gallery. Many connoisseurs of art believe that in the modern world the picture at the exhibition does not need additional decoration as the viewer should see the composition, and additional elements partly distract from the plot of the picture. The grooves and studs for docking in the slats of the modular subframe are made by the MP-01 and MP-02 machines that our company has developed and produces.

The PROALIGMASH Company has developed The Groove Crossing Machine which reinforce the modular design and eliminate distortions of profiles for modular subframes of large sizes.

Also our Company has developed Stand for stretching the canvas for high-quality and convenient stretching of the canvas on the frame.

We can also make:

  • four-sided machines for the production of any profile frames for photos and paintings;
  • assembling frame machines.

Dear friends, if you need any other equipment for the framing, contact us. We will develop and produce the equipment for you.

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