Modular subframe production machine MP-02

The subframe serves as the basis for stretching the canvas. The modular subframe is the most suitable for this purpose, since the canvas can sag over time. The modular structure allows using wedges to align and stretch the canvas as much as necessary. Subframes come in different configurations: there is a subframe with a rim or trapezoid. In the manufacture of modular connections on a subframe with a side of trouble is much less than with a trapezoid, because it has two planes from which you can push off for milling the groove and spike, which can not be said about the trapezoid. The latter has only one base plane and can only be repelled from it.

Modular subframe production machine MP-02 allows you to tune in to any type of subframe. Having two MP-02 machines simultaneously will allow to tune the groove milling at first and to spike milling at second, thus making the setting very easy and convenient. This will speed up the production process at least 4 times.

Upon purchase of two machines the discount is provided.


Network, V380
Max thickness of lath, mm55
Max width of lath, mm80
Power, kW2,2
Rotational speed, rpm5000
Dimensions, W / H / L840х1000х740
Weight, kg150